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Maximalysm is a trendsetter for the BOLD, BRAVE and BEAUTIFULLY DARING. Think retina-scrotching neons and prints so wild you still hear them roar. Maximalysm is not just a clothing brand but a culture which brings everyone together. It welcomes diverse aesthetics, decadence and extravagance by breaking traditional design rules. Maximalysm design ties together and creates harmony amid what appears to be chaos. Where there is consistency, there is unity. Repeating those bold colors, keep bringing in that shape or sticking with the same theme. While it might be excessive and full, it will bring a sense of unity to the composition as a whole.

Believing in our culture, we aim to design and add words from Sanskrit into our collections. To take this as a chance to educate youth outside of Nepal and to also send message internationally in terms of fashion. 

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