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- This is a kind of fashion I grew up on and love collecting.

It has its own versatility that makes you feel comfortable, sexy, simple and can match easily with anything.

I think having a great denim piece is important, especially the color and the vibe that you are trying to be in.

The Maximalysm Bhairav Denim Jacket is the classic denim color that can match easily to anything you want to pair it with plus a collection piece from Maximalysm and for your closet.

Having different types of colored denim is never enough because each type of denim has its beauty.

As we see from the trends, ‘Denim on Denim’, ‘Street Wear’, ‘Retro’ etc.. It’s something we need in our daily lives.

And yet never gets old.

Feng Shui Lucky Color for 2020 are Blue and White. So go get yourself a Maximalysm Bhairav Denim Jacket! It's comfortable and available.

You’re welcome 💋

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- Going back with basic is the easiest way to look like a total fashionista.

For instance: Start your day with inspiration, ask yourself what do you feel like wearing? What’s the weather like? Am I going out later, after work?

Whatever it is, you want to plan ahead. So if something comes up, you are definitely up for it.

To create a look that can turn into a day look to a night look. I’d use the Maximalysm Shanti Sweater, match with a brownish nude jeans/black jeans or even without - For this simple adjustment ladies, it makes it so much easier to turn the day look to a night look.

End it off with a long scarf or without, add a belt to show them figure and leather high heel ankle boots.

And for my gentlemen’s out there, matching the same color tone or similar tone or even denim jeans can make it a day look. By using a brighter color, it shows a day vibe.

But if you are trying to have a night look vibe, use darker jeans, like black jeans.

Having this Unisex Maximalysm Shanti Sweater can even be your ‘Matching Couple Goals Look’

This is the power of basic clothes, color, and simple prints. It showcases that you can simply turn anything in a look.

It’s just about your imaginations that matters.

You’re welcome 💋

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- UNISEX Fashion is something I stand for. As it shows without a specific gender in mind. Find most of Maximalysm tops UNISEX!

Being a pride gay person living, I find that Unisex Clothing made a huge impact in the fashion industry and served a proposed. As we don’t identify ourselves in what we wear. That we had a choice. Having this movement expand, made my youth and everyone who is in it happy.

Styling Unisex Clothing is actually much simpler. Just put on a Unisex top, tucked in with a wide length denim jean and an old classic converse. You’re good to go!

Unisex Clothing expresses that you can have both items of clothing in your closet. It’s just about how you feel in it that matters. If you feel that wearing this specific clothing empowers you? Go for it.

FYI, half of my closet is from the woman section! And most of my friends find it surprising how do I pull it off? I’d always say, ‘It’s just how you put your imagination in it’. The power of mix and matching is the key!

YES, MAYBE, people might not agree with wearing woman clothes or male clothes. But remember that ‘It’s you’ not them. Stand on what you believe in and be proud of your work. As we have our own fashion sense/style.

You’re welcome 💋

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