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BTB: Back To Basic


- Going back with basic is the easiest way to look like a total fashionista.

For instance: Start your day with inspiration, ask yourself what do you feel like wearing? What’s the weather like? Am I going out later, after work?

Whatever it is, you want to plan ahead. So if something comes up, you are definitely up for it.

To create a look that can turn into a day look to a night look. I’d use the Maximalysm Shanti Sweater, match with a brownish nude jeans/black jeans or even without - For this simple adjustment ladies, it makes it so much easier to turn the day look to a night look.

End it off with a long scarf or without, add a belt to show them figure and leather high heel ankle boots.

And for my gentlemen’s out there, matching the same color tone or similar tone or even denim jeans can make it a day look. By using a brighter color, it shows a day vibe.

But if you are trying to have a night look vibe, use darker jeans, like black jeans.

Having this Unisex Maximalysm Shanti Sweater can even be your ‘Matching Couple Goals Look’

This is the power of basic clothes, color, and simple prints. It showcases that you can simply turn anything in a look.

It’s just about your imaginations that matters.

You’re welcome 💋

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