When in doubt, wear denim!


- This is a kind of fashion I grew up on and love collecting.

It has its own versatility that makes you feel comfortable, sexy, simple and can match easily with anything.

I think having a great denim piece is important, especially the color and the vibe that you are trying to be in.

The Maximalysm Bhairav Denim Jacket is the classic denim color that can match easily to anything you want to pair it with plus a collection piece from Maximalysm and for your closet.

Having different types of colored denim is never enough because each type of denim has its beauty.

As we see from the trends, ‘Denim on Denim’, ‘Street Wear’, ‘Retro’ etc.. It’s something we need in our daily lives.

And yet never gets old.

Feng Shui Lucky Color for 2020 are Blue and White. So go get yourself a Maximalysm Bhairav Denim Jacket! It's comfortable and available.

You’re welcome 💋

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